In The Media

City of Arvada: Meet your councilmember

CPR: Tough decisions for a Coloradan who went to help Ukraine refugees

Mission Roll Call: Military Service

Lisa discusses military service with nonprofit group, Mission Roll Call

The Colorado Sun - Campaign Lessons Learned

Lisa Smith reflects on lessons learned as a first time candidate with the Colorado Sun

Lisa Deploys to Poland and Ukraine

Lisa heads to help refugees during the Ukrainian war by providing medical supplying and evacuations of women and children

Still Serving Story by VFW

The Veterans of Foreign War highlights Lisa's work in serving her community locally and abroad.

Westword Newspaper Opinion Piece

Lisa Smith discusses trying to Run a Positive, Inclusive Campaign in a Divided Country

Congressmen Perlmutter's Local Hero Interview Series with Lisa Smith

Congressmen Perlmutter Interviews Lisa Smith on her quick response to the communities need for hand sanitizer in Arvada and Jefferson County, Colorado.

Boston College Spotlight

Highlighting Lisas work on and off campus

Arvada Candidate Press Release

Air Force Veteran and Social Worker Announces Run for Arvada City Council

Arvadans Give Helping Hand to the Community

Lisa Smith and her fiancé, make sanitizer for Arvada and Jeffco

Everyone's Place in Greece

Lisa reflects on her time working a refugee camp

From Guarding Nuclear Missiles to Launching a Political Campaign

Lisa's Reflection: Veterans & Companionship

Lisa Advocates on Gender Equality

Disaster Proofing your Local Business

Mayors Office Housing Innovation Lab

NPR: Lisa on Veterans and Healthcare

Boston Herald: Automatic Voter Registration

Lisa Smith on how to make voting easier.

How a Disaster Non-Profit Responded to COVID

Learn how Lisa talks on local response during a crisis

Lisa: The Value of Tenacity

Lisa on rejecting rejection in life

Rotary Club Presentation & Award

Lisa presents and receives award for community service

Senator Rachel Zenzinger Highlights Lisa's work during COVID

Arvada Alpha Graphics donates Sanitizer Labels to Lisa

Lisa Smith Shares Her Story on Service and Passion