About Lisa

Military Police Turned Social Worker

Lisa has been working for and with the community since she was a child. She understands that people face significant barriers throughout their lives. She believes that everyone has a role in the betterment of the collective community.

Her passion for helping others lead her to the military, where she served four years serving as Military Police in the United States Air Force.

She graduated from Colorado State University while simultaneously working as a Veterans Transition Counselor, then later and Intensive Case Manager focused on elder care and housing.

Lisa pivoted towards policy by working for Senator John Kefalas at the state capital and later the Boston Mayor's Office piloting multi-million dollar projects and cross-sector programs creating solutions to complex problems around housing and social programs.

When the floods hit Colorado in 2013, Lisa responded, helping communities and families recover. Thus began her near decade work around disaster recovery. Since COVID started, Lisa has worked to distribute emergency supplies and food as well as supported medical testing sites. She sits on the Arvada Resiliency Taskforce working towards solutions for local businesses and residents.

She will bring her experience in disaster and emergency management to Arvada as we recover from a global pandemic.

Lisa's Background

Lisa was raised in a large Irish and Italian Catholic family where everyone knew everything. She was taught to give back when you could, work hard, and never give up!

Life wasn't easy as many family members struggled with addiction, suicide, abuse, and mental health problems, but her family did their best with open and forgiving hearts.

Family is the backbone of what shaped Lisa's passion and drive. She learned the value of committing to what you set your mind to and to be understanding and inclusive of all.

Lisa's Family

Lisa's mother, Ana, was born in Argentina. English was her third language. Both of her grandparents never received formal education but they made ends-meet through construction and home making. Ana grew up to become an amazing inner-city School Teacher.

Lisa’s father, Douglas, came from a strict Irish-Catholic background. He retired as School Social Worker and now works as a hospital social worker focusing on addiction and mental health illness.

Her sister, Brittany, is the Director of Food Assistance for the state of Massachusetts. She is a strong community advocate and policy nerd like her sister.

Her brother, Jason, is a Small Business Owner that focuses on special events and his restaurant. He started as a bus boy at a local restaurant and worked his way up to the ranks. He is the entrepreneur of the family!

Lisa and Eli

Lisa met Eli several years ago during a volunteer conference call for a nonprofit. Nine months later, they met at Denver Airport. The two became good friends through local community events, ski trips, and adventuring until they left for graduate school – Lisa to Boston College, Eli to University of Chicago.

Today, they spend time on their property trying to figure out how to garden with their chickens and foster dogs. When they aren't working, you might find them adventuring in the mountains or engaging in a local community projects!

Willie Chancho

Lisa would be remiss if she didn't talk about her favorite 4-legged companion, Willie Chancho. He has been a staple in the family, avid traveler, and best friend for 12 years now.

He is the fur-ever loyal companion of Lisa and Eli. He was adopted in Wyoming when Lisa was still serving in the military. After being certified as a service dog, Willie would join Lisa when she worked part time in a nursing home providing companionship to Alzheimer's patients.

He is a retired service dog now, spending his time lounging by the fire pit and teaching our foster dogs how to be a "good boy".

Focus Areas

Smart Community Development

Improving Transportation

Community Services and Safety

I’m running with a commitment to work hard and promote a healthy, safe, vibrant community where we can all thrive!

Arvada is my home and I believe in our community! I will use my skills, experience, and strengths to elevate the people and community towards an equitable and economically secure life - through creative solutions to new age problems.

My biggest strength is bringing people together and activating the community towards a common goal. I hope to use these skills along with my experience to promote the betterment of all of Arvadans.

I have the passion, skills, and strengths to create and improve practical policies towards equitable economic upward mobility. I will work hard to represent all of Arvada fairly through smart policy that works for all of us.