On the Issues

Focus Areas

Improving Transportation and Infrastructure

Working towards innovative strategies to reduce congestion and promote our growing multi-modal transportation system

How: build out partnerships and leverage community grants to complete missing sidewalks and bike paths. This would help free up existing funding for the backlog of road projects and repairs

Services and Public Safety

Elevate existing programs to ensure public safety and supports for our residents through community collaboration

How: expand our co-responder models with Jeffco Mental Health to respond to people in crisis and get them into the right programs to reduce repeat calls. Recruit top police talent to backfill vacancies on the force

Responsible Community Development

Ensuring future development and growth is done in a smart and equitable way so everyone can enjoy Arvada!

How: We have an imbalance of over growing without tackling road and water infrastructure needs. We should focus on our transit oriented development and mixed use zoning while also ensuring developers play a role in helping mitigate the added infrastructure needs.

Experience For Arvada

Emergency Management & Safety

Lisa's background as a Military Police Woman and in the Emergency Management space for over a decade has prepared her to advocate for Arvada's public safety programs as well as understand how to work towards safe solutions to pressing problems.

Communities need strong leaders not just on the good days but on your worst. Lisa's has managed crisis at the city and county level to state and international response. She has helped Arvada and Colorado over the past decade during fires and floods as well as during the pandemic.

Lisa serves on the Arvada resiliency task force to help Arvada recover from the impact of the pandemic. Lisa focuses on cross-sector strategies to ensure proper response to emergency situations and promote healthy eco-practices to reduce waste and pollution.

Lisa believes that expanding mitigation services, proper native landscaping, educational programs, and waste reduction programs like "smart water sensors" and efficient appliance exchanges are ways to help educate and reduce waste of our precious water supply.

Innovative Community & Housing Development

Lisa has demonstrated success in promoting housing equity and accessibility. She believes the best ideas and policies come from communities and organizations working together.

By supporting smart transit-based developments co-housing programs, and grant allocations for people to become homeowners, we can create a safer and stronger community. Lisa serves on the Jeffco Community Services board and Jeffco Housing Corporation Board that distributes state and federal grant money for community and housing services.

She supports creative ideas such as home-sharing programs, microloans, first-time homebuyer programs, and nursing home reintegration. These ideas will promote equitable housing while saving our taxpayers dollars in Arvada. She will move forward on these goals through community partnerships, streamlined collaboration of resources and through an increase in grant applications.

Small Businesses

Lisa has spent the past few years immersing herself in the world of small businesses through the Arvada Chamber of Commerce and meeting over 100 local Arvada businesses to learn of the challenges they face today. When COVID started, Lisa manufactured over 120 gallons of free sanitizer in her backyard and donated it to help businesses remain open.

She understands barriers and challenges in local businesses and how smart policy can play a role in their success. She understands that policy is not a "one size fits all" in regards to businesses of different sizes, something her brother who owns a venue and restaurant instilled in her. Additionally, she would like to see a growth in women and minority-owned businesses.

Currently, Lisa serves on the Arvada Chamber Government Affairs Committee, KAPs Council, and Resiliency Taskforce.

Older Adults and Disabled Persons

Often older adults are overlooked in the community as they retire but Lisa has worked hard to support and promote aging in place. This was a promise she made to her grandmother who died of Alzheimer's and has continued to advocate on behalf of older adults through Jefferson County and State level boards and committees.

As a case manager, Lisa worked in assisted living homes, and direct in-home care, she understands how important it is to build communities that work for older adults. In 2016, she piloted a nursing home re-integration program for the state of Colorado.

Lisa supports community-based services that save taxpayers thousands by keep individuals off the streets and out of the hospitals. She will continue to work hard for aging adults and their families to ensure an inclusive environment for all.

Policing and Crime

Lisa served as a military police officer in the Air Force and has a unique lens to bring to council to help tackle the growing crime in Arvada. She supports elevating the co-response model to better respond to mental health crises and those experiencing homelessness.

Lisa's background in policing ensures she will be able to advocate for effective training and recruitment to ensure our police are prepared, properly trained, and fully staffed in Arvada.

Since leaving the military, Lisa has spent countless hours and years supporting Veterans through policy advocacy by developing Veteran education resources and creating mentorship programs. She currently works for a veteran-based nonprofit called, Team Rubicon, which responds to disasters in communities.

Our Children

Lisa has worked on programs serving vulnerable and disabled, persons, ensuring that these programs are effective and equitable.

She's mentored Colorado children with developmental disabilities, implemented universal applications for homeless children within school systems, and developed a national ambassador program for higher education students.

Locally, Lisa works with Arvada High Schools doing mock interviews, presentations, and panels to students wanting to grow their skills and network.

Program Development

Lisa developed programs which have improved lives, promoted safer communities, and saved taxpayer upwards of seven million dollars. These range from programs within local organizations to state-wide initiatives. Currently, Lisa serves on the Arvada City Charter Committee to review our "city constitution" to ensure we set up our city for future success.

Lisa believes in the importance and value of community programs and processes but there is always room to improve its impact and efficiencies.

By streamlining processes and tying them to smart funding strategies, we can do more in our community to ensure a strong and thriving economy. On council, Lisa will work hard to evaluate the program to ensure smart objectives and outcomes for the future of our great city.

Humanitarian Work

Lisa has worked internationally with children's programs in Chile, a refugee medical clinic in Greece, and students in Argentina.

She has seen the most vulnerable people in the world and has learned to appreciate our nation and safety net programs much more because of this, and has developed a drive to ensure that all people have access to the resources and services that help them thrive.

Additionally, Lisa has seen firsthand the increase and strength of our natural disasters and believes we need to do more to mitigate our negative impact on our climate through educational and awareness campaigns to promote climate-friendly policies.

Engaging the Community

Lisa will work hard to engage and listen to the community, regardless of political affiliation. Her campaign consists of volunteers from all ages, backgrounds, and party affiliations to all voices are heard.