On the Issues

Emergency Management and Safety

Lisa served as a Military Police Woman and in the Emergency Management space for over a decade. She knows first hand the needs and challenges regarding police, safety and emergency response.

Lisa's has managed crisis at the city and county level to state and international response. She knows how to work across sectors to bring rapid solutions to families and communities in need. She deployed to humanitarian and disaster crises from floods, fires, and hurricanes across the globe as well as responded to the COVID pandemic locally.

Lisa understands how to help communities going through challenges and can bring people and organizations together towards positive change.

Innovative Community Development

Lisa has thrived in creating innovative ways to promote housing equity and accessibility in the community. She supports creative ideas such as home-sharing programs, micro-homes and loans, and nursing home reintegration programs.

Lisa believes the best ideas and policies come from communities and organizations working together.

By supporting smart developments, we create a safer, and stronger community that saves taxpayer dollars while improving the lives of our neighbors.

Community input is imperative to ensure we create smart policy that the community wants or needs. Lisa knows this and will bring that to Arvada.

Older Adults and Disabled Persons

Often older adults are overlooked in the community as they retire but Lisa has worked hard to support and promote aging in place – allowing older adults to stay in their homes safely, independently, and comfortably. This was a promise she made to her grandmother who died of Alzheimer's and has continued to advocate on behalf of older adults through Jefferson County and State level boards and committees.

As a case manager, Lisa worked in assisted living homes, and direct in-home care, she understands how important it is to build communities that work for older adults. In 2016, she piloted a nursing home re-integration program for the state of Colorado.

Lisa supports community based services that save tax payers thousands by keep individuals off the streets and out of the hospitals. She will continue to work hard for aging adults and their families.

Small Businesses

Lisa has spent the past few years immersing herself in the world of small businesses through the Arvada Chamber of Commerce and meeting over 100 local businesses to learn of the challenges they face today. When COVID started, Lisa manufactured over 120 gallons of free sanitizer in her backyard and donating it to help businesses remain open.

She serves on the Government Affairs Committee, KAPs Council, as well as the Board of Directors Selection Committee.

She understands barriers and challenges in local businesses and how smart policy can play a role in their success. She understands that policy is not a "one size fits all" in regards to businesses of different sizes. She will work hard for small business owners to empower their future success.

Social Services

Lisa has worked on programs serving vulnerable, disabled, and elderly persons, ensuring that these programs are effective and equitable.

She's mentored children with developmental disabilities, implemented a universal application progress for homeless children within school systems, and developed a national ambassador program for higher education students

Program Development

Lisa developed programs which have improved lives, promoted safer communities, and saved taxpayer upwards of seven million dollars. These range from programs within organizations to state-wide initiatives.

Lisa believes in the importance and value of social programs in our community but there is always room to improve its impact and efficiencies.

By streamline processes, we can do more in our community to ensure a strong and thriving economy. On council, Lisa will work hard to evaluate program to ensure smart objectives and outcomes for the future of our great city.

Humanitarian Work

Lisa has worked internationally with children's programs in Chile, a refugee medical clinic in Greece, and students in Argentina.

She has seen the most vulnerable people in the world and has learned to appreciate our nation and safety net programs much more because of this, and has developed a drive to ensure that all people have access to the resources and services that help them thrive.

Lisa will work hard to ensure all voices are heard and advocated for, from corner to corner of this city and regardless of background or economic status.

Military & Veterans

Since leaving the military, Lisa has spent thousands of hours supporting Veterans through policy advocacy by developing Veteran education resources and creating mentorship programs.

Veterans have such a tremendous skill-set and value to our community and it is important to support their transition while engaging them towards the betterment of our community and families. Lisa currently serves on Congressmen Perlmutters Veterans Advisory Council ensuring veterans voices are heard and represented in Congress.

Boards & Committees

Jeffco Community Services Advisory Board

Arvada City Charter Committee

Arvada Chamber Government Committee

National Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

Board of Colorado Senior Lobby

New Politics Alumni Executive Committee

National Association of Social Workers Colorado

HCPF - Colorado Choice Committee for Older Adults

Colorado Congressman Veteran Advisory Committee


Flood emergency response and mitigation in Longmont and Lyons in 2013

Food and PPE Distribution to community members, organizations and companies for COVID

Fire recovery and mitigation efforts after the High Park Fire

Sanitizer creation and distribution of over 2,000 bottles in Jefferson County

Mentor for Developmental Disabled Individuals in Larimer County

Deployed in support of a deadly earthquake in Nepal

Boulder Canyon Fire Mitigation

Mentor for transitioning veterans across the nation

Foster Dogs with Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and Do Over Dogs

Created a Veterans Program at a top-tier college

Annual Sandbagging project where we prepare over 2000 bags in Larimer county

Rebuilt homes in Houston after Hurricane Harvey

Mentored Colorado State University Social Workers

AirBnB Open Homes Project supporting refugee families

Food shopper for Senior Citizens in Colorado