Lisa Smith

For Arvada City Council At-Large

Building a Successful Community Together!

Dear Neighbors,

I have spent my life serving others, through military service, social work, disaster response, and volunteerism.

I'm running for City Council for the same reason I volunteered to serve my country — to give back to our great community!

I love our city, our neighbors, our parks, and our local shops! Arvada is our home and I want to continue to support its vibrancy and success.

The community deserves a leader with ground-level experience and strong problem-solving skills to listen and represent the people of Arvada to advocate for all our needs, like housing, multi-modal transportation, and safety.

If elected, our neighbors will have a leader ready to listen and engage all Arvadans and will work hard for you to promote an economically thriving community. My core values have always been: work hard, serve others and speak up. I hope to bring this to city council.

It has been an honor to work with the Arvada City Charter Committee, Chamber Resiliency Taskforce, and Jeffco Community Advisory Board serving our vulnerable community members as well as our entire city.

My experience on the Arvada Resiliency Taskforce and Chamber Government Affairs Committee has allowed me to serve our great community and its local businesses.

It is time to continue my service for others through Arvada City Council At Large! Please reach out to me directly and let's get a conversation going!

In Service,

Lisa Smith

Lisa is running with a commitment to work hard and promote a healthy, safe, vibrant community where we ALL can thrive!

Arvada is her home and she believes in bringing the community together. Our community needs leaders who will create an engaging and cohesive environment for the betterment of all our citizens. A leader who will listen and advocate for our communities needs. Lisa is that person for our city.

Lisa will use her skills, experience, and strengths to elevate and empower the people towards an equitable and economically secure life. Her background in working with vulnerable populations and developing smart housing programs will help our city towards creative solutions to age-old problems. She will work hard to represent Arvada through smart policies that work for us all.

Lisa's biggest strength is bringing people together and activating towards a common goal. She hopes to better engage and connect with our residents so they feel heard. She has the passion, skills, and strength to create practical policies towards equitable economic upward mobility.

Lisa's Focus Areas

Smart Housing Policy

Lisa has demonstrated success in promoting housing equity and accessibility. She believes the best ideas and policies come from communities and organizations working together.

By supporting smart transit-based developments co-housing programs, and grant allocations for people to become homeowners, we can create a safer and stronger community. Lisa serves on the Jeffco Community Services Board and Jeffco Housing Corporation Board that distributes state and federal grant money for community and housing services.

She supports creative ideas such as home-sharing programs, microloans, first-time homebuyer programs, and nursing home reintegration. These ideas will promote equitable housing while saving our taxpayers dollars in Arvada. She will move forward on these goals through community partnerships, streamlined collaboration of resources and through an increase in grant applications.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Lisa believes that expanding mitigation services, proper native landscaping, educational programs, and waste reduction programs like "smart water sensors" and efficient appliance exchanges are ways to help educate and reduce waste of our precious water supply.

Lisa's focus on council will be to push for the completion of the missing 25 miles of sidewalks, completing bike paths through applications of existing grant money. She would like to see some of the money saved be repurposed towards the backlog several million dollar backlog of road repairs throughout our city

Effective City Services and Safety

Lisa served as a military police officer in the Air Force and has a unique lens to bring to council to help tackle the growing crime in Arvada. She supports elevating the co-response model to better respond to mental health crises and those experiencing homelessness.

Lisa's background in policing ensures she will be able to advocate for effective training and recruitment to ensure our police are prepared, properly trained, and fully staffed in Arvada.

She would like to take her experience as a social worker to advocate for successful supportive and transitional programs to ensure we can effectively reduce the homeless population in Arvada.

Board & Committees

Arvada Chamber Government Affairs Committee Foothills

Jeffco Housing Corporation Board

Congressman Perlmutter Veteran Advisory Council

Arvada City Charter Committee

Colorado Senior Lobby Board

National Association of Social Workers Colorado Board

Jeffco Community Services Advisory Board

Arvada Chamber Resiliency Taskforce

HCPF - Colorado Choice Transitions Committee

National Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council for Team Rubicon

New Politics Leadership Academy Executive Committee

Boston College Veterans Executive Committee

Lisa will continue to serve and promote our great city by

Supporting Local Recovery Efforts

Promoting Vibrant Communities

Engaging and Listening to Arvada residents

Shopping Local and
Invest in Arvada

Advocating for all our neighbors

Support local by stepping up when there is a need

Working collaboratively with other organizations

Continued outreach and engagement

Please support her work through a donation or volunteering. Thank you!