Lisa Smith

For Arvada City Council At-Large 2021

I believe in building a successful community through smart and effective policy for all Arvadans!

Dear Arvadans,

I have spent my life serving others, through military service, social work, disaster response, and volunteerism. I'm running for City Council for the same reason I volunteered to serve my country — to give back to my community.

I will take my ground-level experience, strong communication, and problem solving skills to serve and represent the people of Arvada towards smart city strategies, specifically around community development and infrastructure.

I will continue to listen and engage all Arvadans to create logical and responsible policies towards an economically thriving community for all.

It is time for me to continue my service through Arvada City Council At Large! Let's continue to improve lives for everyone in our community, together!

Sincerely, Lisa Smith

Lisa is running with a commitment to work hard and promote a healthy, safe, vibrant community where we can all thrive

Arvada is her home and she believes in our community. Lisa will use her skills, experience, and strengths to elevate the people and community towards an equitable and economically secure life - through creative solutions to new age problems.

Lisa's biggest strength is bringing people together and activating towards a common goal. She has the passion, skills, and strengths to create and improve practical policies towards equitable economic upward mobility. She will work hard to represent all of Arvada fairly through smart policy that works for all of us.

Lisa's Focus Areas

Innovative Community Development

Smart Transportation and Infrastructure

Effective Community Services and Safety

Board & Committees

Colorado Senior Lobby Board

Arvada Chamber Government Affairs Committee

Congressman Perlmutter Veteran Advisory Council

Arvada City Charter Committee

National Association of Social Workers Colorado Board

Jeffco Community Services Advisory Board

Arvada Chamber KAPS and Resiliency Taskforce

HCPF - Colorado Choice Transitions Committee

National Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council for Team Rubicon

New Politics Leadership Academy Executive Committee

Boston College Veterans Executive Committee

Lisa believes in public service and the best way to create meaningful change is through smart policy.

Please support her work through a donation. Any little bit helps! Thank you!